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Experience fashion with a purpose with our circular and sustainable female t-shirt. Ethically made with post-consumer organic cotton, it's a must-have for any girl eco-warrior. Crafted in a factory powered by renewable energy, where 95% of water is recirculated and recovered, this TOMbag female tee is a testament to our commitment to reducing waste. Similarly to all other TOMbag products, this tee was designed to be circular - once worn out, simply ship it back for us to upcycle it! Oh, and don't forget - this tee plants one tree!


Plastic-Free Seas Female Tee

  • TOMbag Plastic-Free Seas t-shirts are made out of 50% post-consumer organic cotton and 50% organic cotton. Once worn out, they can be shipped back in order to be upcycled into exciting new products - simply follow the instructions on the inside label. All TOMbag tees are ethically made in a factory run by renewables where 95% of water is recirculated and recovered.