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Learn how we are leading the world in reducing Scope 3 emissions for businesses, governments
and NGO's globally.

Case Studies

How to reduce Scope 3 Emissions is one of the biggest challenges for businesses, governments and NGOs today in the fight against climate change. Here at TOMbag, we partner closely with you to understand your Scope 3 emissions derived from single-use plastic bin liners across your organisation and develop scalable strategies to replace it with our sustainable and circular reusable bin liners.

See our case studies below to learn how we are working with industry leaders around the world in reducing Scope 3 emissions and enabling Zero-waste to Landfill in our path towards Net Zero.  

Industry: Commercial cleaning services

Company size: 2500+ employees

Site location: Australia Square, Sydney AU

Product: X-Large (80L) reusable garbage bag

Use case: Mixed recycling bins

Outcome: 1 tonne of single-use plastic saved from landfill/ yr

Industry: Facility management

Company size: 470,000+ employees

Site location: Rotterdam The Netherlands

Product: X-Large (80L) reusable garbage bag

Use case: Return stations for reusable cups

Outcome: Zero waste reusable cup return stations


Industry: Non-profit organization

Company size: 70+ employees

Site location: Florida, United States

Product: X-Large (80L) reusable garbage bag

Use case: Beach cleanups

Outcome: Zero Waste beach cleanups

Are you searching for innovative ways to reduce Scope 3 Emissions or enable Zero-waste to Landfill in your organisation? Reach out to us today to see how we can partner together with you on your journey towards net zero.

How To Reduce Scope 3 Emissions?

Scope 3 emissions are a type of indirect greenhouse gas emissions generated by activities that are not directly related to an organisation's operations. These emissions can result from a variety of sources, such as the production of goods and services purchased by the organisation, employee commuting, and waste generated from business activities.


Reducing Scope 3 emissions is crucial in addressing climate change and promoting sustainability. Here are several strategies organisations can use to reduce their Scope 3 emissions:


  • Engage with suppliers to understand their emissions and encourage them to adopt more environmentally friendly practices.Implement green procurement policies to prioritise the purchase of sustainable goods and services.

  • Encourage employees to use low-carbon transportation options, such as public transportation, carpooling, or biking.

  • Upgrade facilities and equipment to more energy-efficient options to reduce emissions from energy usage.

  • Implement waste reduction and management practices to minimise emissions from waste disposal.

  • Invest in carbon offsetting programs to mitigate emissions from unavoidable activities.

  • Measure and report on Scope 3 emissions to track progress and identify areas for improvement.


Reducing Scope 3 emissions is a continual process that requires a commitment from all levels of an organisation. By following these strategies and continuously seeking new ways to reduce emissions, organisations can play a crucial role in creating a more sustainable future.

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