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Who we are and how TOMbag was born.

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Hi there! Thanks for stopping by. We are Sasha and Johnathan Pestano - Co-Founders of TOMbag.

As a family, we love the natural world and are passionate about creating awareness about climate change. We believe in taking positive action towards the reversal of climate change, no matter how small it may seem - it all adds up.

TOMbag was born as an idea when Sasha was pregnant with our daughter, Lyla. Motivated to ditch all single-use plastic from our household, she realised that there was one item that I overlooked - the garbage bag.

When trying to find a reusable alternative for single-use plastic garbage bags she found nothing except reusable diaper bags that were promoted as reusable bin liners. We tried them but had to throw them away after just few uses - they stunk and leaked. In short, they didn't work as they weren't a purpose designed reusable garbage bag.

Sasha started to dig deeper into the problem of single-use garbage bags and were shocked to discover that in Australia alone, households use over 3.3 billion single-use plastic garbage bags EVERY.SINGLE.YEAR! What a waste, she thought! And decided to act.
After months of hard work and dedication we were finally ready to bring to the world our unique and innovative world-first solution - TOMbag reusable garbage bags. We believe TOMbag is a better product than single-use garbage bags. More than that, it enables people to quit single-use bin liners that are polluting our planet and help the planet by significantly reducing the amount of single-use plastic made.
You may ask what is driving us? It's our daughter, Lyla - she's our inspiration and motivation here at TOMbag. She represents not only our child, but all children. They deserve to have access to the same beauty of the natural world that we experienced as children - as do their children (and so on). 
Here at TOMbag, we are committed to fight climate change to allow all future generations to enjoy the natural world as we know it. Together, we believe that we can make a change - for good. Are you with us?

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