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Sustainable Schools: 3 Schools Leading the Way in Sustainability

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

The world's most sustainable schools are setting the example for the rest of the world when it comes to environmental responsibility. In order to prepare the next generation of leaders, it is crucial that we educate students on the importance of sustainability and how they can make a difference. There are many schools who are doing an amazing job when it comes to sustainability, and we wanted to highlight three of them in this blog post. Each of these schools has their own unique approach to sustainability, and they are all setting an example for the rest of the world.

1. The Green Free School in Copenhagen, Denmark

The Green Free School in Copenhagen, Denmark is pioneering sustainability practices and inspiring others around the world to do the same. Located in one of Europe's most sustainable cities, The Green Free School is determined to make an impact on climate change through sustainability education initiatives that they have implemented over the years.

At the heart of The Green Free School's sustainability practices is the belief that sustainability education should be embedded in all aspects of learning. The school's curriculum includes sustainability-focused topics such as climate change, renewable energy sources, and waste management. Their sustainability initiatives also stretch beyond the classroom and into their campus, where they have installed solar panels and energy efficient lighting systems to reduce their carbon footprint.

Sustainable schools
The writings on the wall at the Green Free School

In terms of architecture, the school was built using exclusively non-toxic and breathable materials including hemp, wood and clay. The school proudly composts its organic waste, collects rainwater and hosts plants that are insects-friendly. In addition, all food prepared at The Green Free School is either vegetarian or vegan.

2. The Green School in Bali, Indonesia

The Green School in Bali, Indonesia opened doors to its first students in 2008. The Green School is built entirely from eco-friendly materials, including bamboo walls and a thatched roof. The school runs entirely on renewable energy, and all of the food served in the cafeteria is organic and locally sourced. Students even have the opportunity to learn about sustainable farming practices in one of the school's many permaculture gardens.

Recently The Green School has become a global movement with new schools recently established in Mexico, New Zealand and South Africa. At the core of sustainability-focused education at all four of its locations is a “living” curriculum that is taught using community-intergrated, entrepreneurial approach in a natural environment.

3. Greenwich Academy in Connecticut, USA

Greenwich Academy is a private all-girls school located in Connecticut, USA. The school has a long history dating back to 1648 when it was founded by a group of Puritans who had fled England due to religious persecution. In recent years, Greenwich Academy has become known for its dedication to sustainability.

Sustainable schools
Greenwich Academy in Connecticut

The school has implemented a number of initiatives aimed at reducing its carbon footprint. These include installing solar panels and LED lighting throughout the campus, using environmentally friendly cleaning products, and composting food waste. Greenwich Academy also encourages students to take public transport or carpool when travelling to and from school.


These are just three of the many schools around the world that are leading the way when it comes to sustainable practices. By incorporating renewable energy sources, recycling and composting programs, local food sourcing, and eco-friendly building materials, these sustainable schools are setting a precedent for other educational institutions to follow.


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