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How can water waste affect your bills?

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

Most people are aware that wasting water is bad for the environment. However, many don't realise that it can also have a significant impact on their wallet. A leaky tap might not feel like the biggest household problem, but fixing these small issues can make a big difference.

By making simple changes, you can help save money and conserve precious resources, as well as cutting down on your carbon footprint – every bit of water that goes down the drain has to be processed. Read on to find out some of the ways that water waste can affect you.

Higher bills

Water bills are based on usage, so the more water you use, the higher your bill will be. If you're wasting water by leaving the taps running or taking long showers, you'll see this reflected in your bill. In addition, excessive water usage can lead to higher charges from your water provider. And, if you live in an area with drought conditions, you may be required to pay higher rates for water usage above a certain amount.

If you want to cut down on the amount of water that you’re using, then it’s easy to get some water saving devices for your home. Look out for the Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards mark, which rates products from one to six stars, with six being the most water-efficient. A 4-star low-flow showerhead is estimated to save 105kL and $315 per year, which is a significant reduction.

Home insurance

You might not have considered this, but water damage as a result of leaking or burst pipes can force you to make a claim on your home insurance, costing you extra in premiums and renewal for the future. Whilst you’ll be grateful that you have insurance in the first place, having to replace carpets or swollen flooring can be an expensive, time-consuming job. Sentimental items may also be at risk that cannot be replaced, such as photos or documents.

Some insurers will not pay out if they find that you have not been properly maintaining your home, either – particularly in the case of burst pipes. This may result in you paying for insurance and for repairs, which isn’t going to come cheap.

Cost of repairs

Being vigilant and looking out for signs of water damage in your home can help you solve the problem before you have to call the experts. Emergency repairs are a costly business, and you’ll need to pay up straight away, which can be a strain on your finances. If you don’t work at home, they can also mean that you need to take time off work to be at home for the workmen – no one wants to spend their holiday days inside when they could be doing something they enjoy.

To sum up

Water waste can be far more costly than just raised bills. By acting on signs of water damage quickly, you can ensure that you don’t suffer financially, and protect your home at the same time.


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